Welcome to the JustMailto!

Written by Brian Singer on September 13, 2013

Greetings, and welcome to the revolutionary return of email for communications and commercial transactions on business websites!

My team and I are proud to present you with a solution to two problems that have plagued web developers, marketers and business owners since the web’s inception almost twenty years ago.

Problem 1: SPAM.

Problem 2: FORMS.

Businesses and consumers do not like SPAM; and, businesses and consumers do not like filling out FORMS (especially on mobile). Together, SPAM and FORMS represent an enormous consumer pain and time-suck.

So, back to BASICS.

Yes, back to EMAIL! EMAIL is easy!

The question becomes: how can we use email for business again, and really make it work for us?

There are 175 million+ pages on the web telling us why we shouldn’t utilize email addresses on websites. We’re going to get nailed!

But here’s the JustMailto hypothesis:

If we bring back the simplicity of mailto: links, consumers will be more likely to connect with business via email.

But what about Problem 1: SPAM? (Granted, we need to confirm, or authenticate, that the “clicker” is a person, and not a spambot, without wasting our time with CAPTCHA)

The Very Simple Solution:

We use a simple validation API, and inject a token that links the user to the website visit.

Sounds technical? Not at all.

The Result:

It works! And JustMailto and Foxtrot Media’s clients love it. Our customers have already seen a measurable increase in inquiries on their websites and landing pages!

Today, we are sharing our game-changing technology with you. We’ve built out a beautiful JustMailto Dashboard and we’re here to collect marketing data you can share with your clients, such as User Device, IP, and Location. JustMailto also makes email opt-ins and A/B testing a snap!

Please, check it out for yourself and let us know what you think! And, if you have any questions or feedback, just send me an EMAIL – the address is right there, below!

We look forward to helping you bring smiles to your customer’s faces!

Brian Singer
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