JustMailto: The Press Release!

Written by Justin Mailto on February 18, 2014

JustMailto Makes Mobile Inquiry Generation Easy

New email authentication system helps marketers and businesses overcome obstacles in Mobile inquiry generation

Baltimore, Md. February 18th, 2014 – 406 million smartphone connections were added in 2013[i], and brands are experiencing more and more visits to their websites from mobile devices; but contacting those brands is more difficult than ever and customers are asking, “Why can’t we just ‘Send them an Email?’”

Launching in open beta, JustMailto’s API snaps into any website and gives mobile website visitors the ability to easily connect to the website owner via email. JustMailto’s single line of code will present mobile visitors with a “pop-in” email link. When the user clicks the link, their preconfigured email client will open, they can type their inquiry, and click send. That’s it. No clunky forms, no unreadable CAPTCHA, no friction, just a simple email.

“It’s more than just an email link,” says Justmailto’s founder Brian Singer. “The dashboard reports the user’s location, IP address, device type and which page the email was sent from, making A/B conversion testing easier than ever.”

Premium users can also have those validated messages “pushed” into CRMs like Salesforce and Sugar, as well as marketing automation software like Marketo and Hubspot. More integrations are planned.

Setup is easy, and in just a few minutes after signing up and creating a “banner,” JustMailto supplies webmasters with a snippet of code for their website that will start presenting itself to mobile visitors. Each visitor’s email link will contain a unique token so each message can be correlated to the actual website visit. This also ensures that spammers who harvest email addresses from websites will never reach the email owner.

Based on research that JustMailto conducted independently, mobile users indicated that they would prefer sending an email to connect to a business online over completing form fields or calling.

“We built our website to engage our customers, but our customers were not engaging us,” says early adopter Betsy Robinson, owner of Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Collection.  “After implementing JustMailto, we went from three form-fills a month to three or more emails per day.”

“We’re excited about the promise that JustMailto offers for agencies, web developers, businesses, and consumers,” adds Singer. “JustMailto is the ultimate conversion rate optimization tool for business with the potential to change how companies do lead capture from their websites.”

JustMailto is free for users that only need dashboard reporting and email delivery. Premium integration features to CRMs and Marketing Automation software starts at $29/month. More information can be found at http://www.justmailto.com or

About JustMailto

Developed by Baltimore-based Foxtrot Media, JustMailto’s easy to install website addon turns mobile visitors into leads by allowing them to engage the website owner with an email. Emails are validated, forwarded to the owner, tracked in the website’s dashboard and can be sent to CRM and Marketing Automation software.